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Last year, I felt like establishing a little nerd cred at work. I decided to bring treats in for Pi Day, (3/14, for those of you who haven’t thought of it. This year, incidentally, is special: 3.1415 is a couple digits further into Pi than plain 3.14. I hadn’t thought of that until someone mentioned it on Facebook. *)

In my experience, Pi Day is celebrated with pie. This works well for, say, high school Physics Club**,  but pie’s a tough treat to home-make and then serve to a facility of 50+ employees.

Plus, I can make maybe one full-size pie look and taste decent.

So I did what I usually do when I want to make something that may not exist, and Googled  “pie cookies.”

Many results are variants on this theme:


That doesn’t get around my limited pastry prowess.

Eventually I found these, courtesy of Momables, and originally, Laura Fuentes:



These are easy, tasty, and both times I’ve made them have been huge hits at the office. So thanks, Momables and Laura Fuentes, you’ve made something wonderful for our last few days as the snow melts and we wait for the 17th.

Since I can take absolutely no credit for this recipe, I won’t post much about my own process. Just a few tips:

-This recipe’s simple to multiply, if you know things like what 1 1/2 of 3/4ths is, and if you’re celebrating Pi Day I assume you do.***

-One Granny Smith might yield quite a bit more than a cup of chopped apple. If you end up with extra, you can boil those in a shallow pan of water until mushy and have yourself some Granny Smith applesauce.  Add cinnamon and caramel as desired.

-Or you can mix the spare apples with the traces of dough left in the bowl and eat by the spoonful, because this dough is the best fricking thing ever and I’m going to look forward to it every March from now on.

Cheers and enjoy.

*So much for my nerd cred.

**I was not a member. I just knew that they had pie.

***Unless you’re me.* Then you’ll have to count measuring cupfuls and wonder why your fourth grade teacher didn’t use measuring cups to make fractions fun.

*Pretty much the theme here is that I am a hard discipline poser and I can’t even come up with my own themed food for 3.14.15. Please enjoy the cookies and still like me, too.